Saturday, November 17, 2012

Friendship, laughter, needle and thread

From this
"September 2012"
to this :o)
"November 2012"
I hope that everyone had a lovely day.
I know that I did.
Not much stitching but a lot of
friendship, laughs, beautiful fabric
and yummy food.
Special thank you to the staff at Mill Rose and the Cafe, as always,
spot on for customer service.
Don't forget to mark the next gathering in your diary ladies.
16th February 2013
and if you wish to partake in the optional swap on the day
(and weren't there some beautiful gifts swapped today)
the designer is Rosalie Quinlan.
Hugs, Sharon



  1. thankyou Mel for arranging such a wonderful day,i had the best day with the best bunch of ladies whom i am looking forward to getting to know better,i am already looking forward to our next meeting.
    Thankyou everyone for a wonderful day.xx

  2. Thank you Melody and everyone for a very special day.

  3. Oh, how our little group has grown! It was certainly a wonderful day. Now to start thinking about what I'm going to make for our next swap. Thanks everyone for making it such a great day.

  4. Thank you Mel and to all the ladies for making this such fantastic day. Mmmm now what to make for the next swap!

  5. Thank you Melody for a wonderful day - loved the swaps and the show and tell!
    Looking forward to Feb!! :-)

  6. How wonderful your little group has grown so much ,sure wish I was closer to join in too :-)


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