Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our 3rd bloggers meet,some fun pictures

 Lol you cant see anything in this pic as Shaz is hiding,i didnt have the heart to tell her that i could still see her,lol.
 This is the noisey table having lunch in the garden,we have from the left Marina,Sue,Tracee,Elyte,Marg and Robin,as you can see they are full of mischief,lol.
 Now a pic of the quiet table,we were very well behaved from left isMel,Christine,Cheryl andBarb,Sharon was hiding again.
 i had to laugh, here was everyone out with the cameras taking a photo of their food.
 So i thought i had better do the same,dont want them to think i am strange,lol,i had pork belly on sour dough bread with pear and quince paste with rocket salad,oh man it just melted in my mouth.
Lol i caught Shaz checking to see if Red had her undies on,lol,
 This is Red riding hood a Ric Rac pattern that Shaz has just finished,Shaz shares her with Lily her daughter sometimes,lol.
She is beautifully made.
 Lol i caught these two lovely ladies Mel andChristine up to some mischief,here they are trying to look very innocent,lol,but we know better dont we ladies,lol.
Here i am with my lovely Mel,hey Mel it looks like you are wearing a party hat.
And here is proof that Shaz is the naughty one, girls look she is throwing her bag at me,lol.
What a wonderful awesome did i say wonderful day we all had,thankyou ladies for such an amazing day.
cheers shez xx

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