Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our February 2014 Millrosie friends bloggers meet

 Wow what a wonderful lot of goodies we had for our red swap,i love that all these gifts , were all made with love and thought,what a wonderful clever bunch of friends you all are.
 And the show and tell was awesome,here is Rosie making a blanket of love.
 hiding behind the mini quilt is Sue
 And i wanted to take this one home with me,Tracee made a hunny bunny,she was so sweet ,lol,and so is Tracee
 This is amazing this is a quilt made by tracee,love it
 And Tracee again with another quilt ,she has been working on this one for awhile,well done kiddo
 And Sue has made this amazing Collinwood quilt for a soldier o/s,i know he will love this,what a lovely kind thing to do Sue.
 And our new friend Kim has won us over with her pretty Gail Pan quilt,gorgeous.
And this mini quilt made by Christine is so sweet,i wanted to take this one home too.
Thankyou ladies for an amazing day filled with friendship and laughs and inspiration.
cheers shez xx


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