Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dates of meetings for next year and the swaps

We had been asked for the dates of our meetings for next year as a couple of ladies want to plan their holidays around our Millrosie Friends blogger meetings,so here they are.

21st February-- heart swap,can be anything heart shaped or with a heart or heart patterned fabric.

16th May --  designer Gail Pan so any one of Gails pretty designs.

29th  August --- A covered  journal

14th November --- 12" xmas mini quilt

So i hope this helps everyone for next years holiday planning and i will list this on the side bar,at the bottom so we dont get muddled up with this years meetings and swaps.
cheers shez xx


  1. There might be a few I could get to if there is a spot spare. I don't want to take up anyone's place.
    I really enjoyed myself and I know there are some great friendships.....

  2. Looking forward to it, very much indeed.

  3. Are the May and August dates on the Friday?

    1. Hi Annie no all Saturdays,just checked calendar for next year and they are all Saturdays,phew,lol

  4. Hi Shez, helps if you are looking mat 2015 calendar lol!!!


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